Rose Gold-The New Classic

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Everywhere you look these days, rose gold is the newest trend. From jewelry, to sandals, to headphones, blush is the new black. But is it just the latest fashion fad. or it rose gold becoming a classic?



Rose gold is a gold alloy made of yellow gold and copper. The ratio of copper added determines how soft or deep the pink color. The most popular form of rose gold these days is of a softer pink hue. 

The color of rose gold is elegant, warm, and timeless, and has been in and out of fashion since it's popularity with Russian royalty in the 1800's. One good reason it has maintained it status is that it looks good on any skin tone. Whether your dark or your fair, the beautiful blush brings out the warm tones of your skin. It also plays nice with others. You can mix yellow, rose, and white gold with rings, bangles and even layered necklaces.

Is rose gold the trend of the hour or a new classic? Only time will tell. 

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