The Hottest Color for Fall 2017-RED!!

Posted by Nicole Humphries on


I don't know about you, but I love the color red! I alway have. I feel confident when I wear it, there are touches of it throughout my home, and my birthstone is the ruby. If you want to know my favorite color, (in case you haven't figured it out), RED!

The Fall Fashion shows were dominated by the color red. With colors ranging from Crimson to Burgundy, Vermillion and Ruby, red is this seasons standout. Veteran designers like Carolina Herrera, Max Mara, and Victoria Beckham, pulled out all the stops with their sweaters, dresses, coats and shoes, all in bold, vibrant, radiant red! 


A garnet statement ring, a delicate ruby necklace, or a chunky red coral bracelet will bring your jewelry game to pro level this fall. If you've never worn red, take a chance-it will brighten your day!

Take a peek inside Emma's Jewelry Box for a bit of red inspiration.




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