Jewelry Is Power!

Jewelry Is Power!

Posted by Nicole Humphries on

If you are a frequent visitor to Emma's Jewelry Box, then you know that my design aesthetic leans toward the delicate end of the spectrum. Simple, classic styles that can be worn everyday. 
Yet, sometimes even I like to spice things up a bit and add a bold colored statement ring into the mix.And, if I'm really feeling sassy, I might just sit that statement ring right next to my everyday stackers! 
Jewelry, for me, is like my armor. It makes me feel complete, and ready to show my best self to the world ( even if I'm not feeling like my best self). I always have on a pair of earrings, be they simple or bold, and for me they are like Wonder Woman's bracelets! With my earrings on I feel like I am ready to stop whatever "bullets" come my way.
So ladies, grab that statement ring, those simple hoops, or your favorite necklace, and go into the world like the Wonder Women you are!
~Before you go, be sure to check all of the one-of-a-kind pieces in the Uniquely You Collection.
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