Simply Royal!

Simply Royal!

Posted by Nicole Humphries on

I don't know about you, but lately I have been a little obsessed with a certain, newly appointed, Duchess! The radiant Meghan Markle, now known to the world as The Duchess of Sussex, is an intelligent, philanthropic, stunning woman, who  happens to have amazing personal style. 

From her signature "messy" bun, to her love of muted colors like black, white, and gray, the Duchess and I share an affection for simple, chic, and uncomplicated jewelry. She definitely is a girl after my own heart with her  delicate gold chains, slim stacking rings, and understated earrings.

Here are just a few examples of the stunning Ms. Markle and her signature jewelry style.


Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

Dominic Lipinski / Getty Images

Delicate gold or silver rings can make a statement on their own, (as seen here) or can be stacked with other rings that have meaning to you.



Meghan is known for sporting a crisp, white, button down shirt, and a simple,  pendant, necklace (like this one) makes the perfect accessory.


Getty Images

Getty Images

Wearing your hair in an elegant up do is the perfect style for delicate earrings, like the chic, gold bars Meghan sports in this photo.


Jewelry trends come and go, but having a few simple, classic pieces in your collection will guarantee you always have jewelry you love, that will never go out of style. Are you ready to bring out your inner Duchess? Take a peek inside Emma's Jewelry Box to find your modern classic. Who knows, you could be wearing my Rose Gold "Linda" Ring when you meet your Prince.

~xoxo Nicole 


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