Seeing Stars-Emma's Jewelry Box on TV

Seeing Stars-Emma's Jewelry Box on TV

Posted by Nicole Humphries on

What's better than seeing your jewelry on a happy customer? Seeing your jewelry on television! 

I have been fortunate to have my jewelry worn on television shows like The Vampire Diaries, Black-ish, Jane the Virgin, and Law & Order SVU, and I have to admit that it is a bit of a giddy feeling to see your jewelry on the screen. 

Take a little trip down memory lane with me through my adventures in tv land...



The Nora Necklace was featured on the first episode of Season 7 of

The Vampire Diaries


Celestial Necklace-Law & Order SVU

She may have been brought in for questioning on Law & Order SVU, but she was killing it in my

Celestial Moissanite Necklace




The Jane Earrings worn by none other than Jane herself, Miss Gina Rodriguez


14k- Gold-Small-Hoops


I love actress Nicole Sullivan on Black-ish, and I love that she's wearing my Small 14k Gold Hoops even more!

Make sure you peek inside Emma's Jewelry Box to find that one piece of jewelry that makes you feel like a star!

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