Finding Inspiration For My New Collection

Finding Inspiration For My New Collection

Posted by Nicole Humphries on

Inspiration. This is the catalyst for my new Inspire Collection, launching soon at EJB. A collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets named for amazing women who inspire me with their spirit, character, and unapologetic desire to be exactly who they are! 
It all started with my friend Sybil, who asked me to contribute a piece of jewelry for a silent auction at an event called Cocktails for the Climate. Sybil is a firecracker when it comes to educating the next generation (and current generations) about the effects of climate change, and her passion and desire to affect change inspires me everyday! I decided to make a necklace, and as I sat at my bench creating the piece, I knew that I had to name it after her, and the Sybil Necklace was born.
That one decision started the ball rolling on the Inspire Collection. Each piece will be named after a women who inspires me to live my best life, by observing how they live theirs. 
Sybil Necklace
To see sneak peeks of the Inspire Collection, and to find out more about the official launch, sign up for the mailing list!

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