Styling in Black and Gold

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Looking for a great color palette to take you from a casual day of hanging with your girl tribe, to a special night out? Try black and gold! Always chic, and always in style, here are a couple of ideas to get you to fall in love with black and gold!


Casual Style

 1/ Gabriella silk crepe de chine camisole  2/ MANGO Ripped Relax jeans 

3/  Sybil Necklace  4/ EVEY Oliver Peoples  5/ Raquel Wedge



Date Night

1/ Saint Laurent Plissé-lamé Mini Dress  2/ Steve Madden Soph Sandel 

3/ Sybil Necklace  4/ Jimmy Choo Sweetie Glittered Acrylic and Leather Clutch

5/  Kelleia Earrings-Triple Hoop


Don't dash away before you peek inside Emma's Jewelry Box to see more jewelry ideas in black and gold!

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